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Ergonomic office chair off 907-black

Ergonomic office chair off 907-black

Experience the ultimate comfort at the office with the OFF 907 black office chair - the ergonomic partner that turns long working hours into sustained pleasure.

In the hectic world of the office environment, finding a solution that combines elegance with functionality is a real triumph. The black OFF 907 office chair is the ultimate essential for every workspace, whether we're talking about an office in a busy corporation or a creative corner at home.

Think of all the moments you spend at your desk - that place where inspiration comes to life and work takes on value. This executive office chair is not just a chair; is your partner for every professional challenge, every blooming idea and every hour spent in pursuit of excellence.

When you think about investing in office furniture, the first thing that comes to mind should be comfort. This ergonomic chair provides the lumbar support your body needs to maintain a correct posture during working hours. With a smart mesh tapestry, it is designed to ensure optimal air circulation, keeping you cool and focused on your tasks.

Adjust the height of the seat easily, thanks to the gas-based piston that allows vertical adjustment between 46 cm and 56 cm, giving you the possibility to adapt the seat perfectly to your particular needs. And when you want to relax a little after an intense work session, the rocking mechanism allows you to relax comfortably, or you can lock the chair into a stable position for maximum concentration.

Durability and style blend harmoniously in the design of this chair. The chrome metal base and piston, along with the painted metal backrest frame, not only provide stability, but also a touch of modern elegance. The generously sized seat, with a depth of 50 cm and a width of 48 cm, provides the necessary space for free movement and maximum comfort.

Dedicated to those who appreciate every detail, the headrest is upholstered with a quality leather substitute, adding an extra touch of sophistication. With a color palette including classic black, dark brown (wenge), vibrant red, refreshing green, calm blue, neutral gray and pure white, you can choose the shade that perfectly suits your style.

Designed to serve you every day, this office chair turns into a reliable partner, whether you work from home or in the office. Step into the world of comfort and performance with our similar model, the OFF 907M office chair, adapted with smaller sizes and adjustable heights.

With a capacity to support up to 110 kg, this chair is designed to withstand and accompany you every moment of the day. To assure you of its quality, we offer you a 24-month warranty period, reaffirming our confidence in the durability of this product.

Partner with comfort and style by choosing the OFF 907 black office chair. Make your working days easier and create a space where performance blends harmoniously with sophisticated design.

Color Black
Material Mesh + PU
Maximum weight (kg) 110
Height adjustment Yes
Maximum chair hight (cm) 118
Maximum seat height (cm) 56
Backrest height (cm) 67
Chair witdh (cm) 60
Seat width (cm) 48
Armrest type Plastic
Base type Metal

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