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The BUC 05 coffee table with a modern art look is characterized by its curved frame and glass surface, which gives the feeling of floating, for a minimalist look that maximizes space.The chrome finish helps this ultra-modern coffee table to integrate into most contemporary decors with ease.The chrom..
279,65 Lei
Ex Tax:235,00 Lei
The BUC 14 coffee table is an example of modern elegance, specially created to bring more style and functionality to any home. It is perfect to be integrated into various styles of furniture, thanks to its simple and stylish design, accentuated by the marble pattern.The coffee table with a minimalis..
399,84 Lei
Ex Tax:336,00 Lei
Coffee table BUC 081 white..
499,80 Lei
Ex Tax:420,00 Lei
Masa de bucatarie BUC 082 dreptunghiulara este ideala pentru a amenaja bucataria sau livingul dumneavoastra modern. Eleganta sa va aduce o nota de rafinament spatiului, masa alba este alegerea excelenta pentru sufragerie! Dimensiunile sale sunt destul de potrivite pentru a se incadra fara a ocupa ..
599,76 Lei
Ex Tax:504,00 Lei
BUC 11 coffee table - made of natural wood and MDF. It is an ideal piece of furniture for your living room, having a height of 45 cm from the floor to the top. The tabletop dimensions are: 100 cm long and 60 cm wide. The small sides are rounded for added elegance. The white parts on the sides are..
499,80 Lei
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Coffee table BUC 04..
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Kitchen table BUC 080 natural wood Kitchen table BUC 080 natural wood
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The BUC 80 kitchen table lends itself to being used in the kitchen as well as in the living room, bringing more elegance to the space where it is placed. The table is made of MDF, both the four legs and the top. Its dimensions are: table top: 150 cm long x 90 cm wide;table height: 76 cm;distance b..
499,80 Lei
Ex Tax:420,00 Lei
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