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Office Chair OFF 619 black

Office Chair OFF 619 black

Looking for a suitable office chair for little ones? Look no further, because you have found the answer in the new and innovative OFF 619 black office chair in the elegant shade of black. This chair has been carefully crafted to perfectly blend ergonomic functionality with attractive design, providing little ones with a comfortable and inspired study and work environment.

With an operational and ergonomic design, this chair is specially designed to perfectly suit the needs of children in their study or work environment. Its ingenious construction is a tribute to functionality and aesthetics, thus bringing real value to the everyday life of little ones.

The base and arms of this chair are made of durable polypropylene, guaranteeing stability and strength during daily use. In addition, the central part of this chair, the seat and back, is wrapped in a high quality mesh. This innovative textile not only adds a touch of elegance but also offers exceptional benefits. Its open structure facilitates air circulation, thus keeping children cool and comfortable during the long day of study and creativity.

In terms of aesthetics, the wide range of colors available is the perfect choice to suit the varied tastes of children. From sleek black to fresh and vibrant green, each variation brings a distinct touch of cheerfulness and elegance to any space. Thus, this chair is not only a functional element, but also a design piece that contributes to the pleasant atmosphere of any place where it is placed.

The material is not the only element that guarantees the durability of this chair. The base and piston are made of heavy-duty chrome steel, providing an increased level of robustness and long-term durability. This means that parents can be sure that their investment in this seat will withstand even the heavy use and energetic play of children.

The precise dimensions of the OFF 619 black chair have been adapted to meet the needs of the little ones. With the total height adjustable between 85 and 95 cm, and the height from the ground to the seat varying between 42 and 52 cm, this chair can be customized to perfectly suit the size and preferences of each child. The generous seat, with dimensions of 48 x 45 cm, offers enough space to sit comfortably during work or study activities.

Not only comfort and attractive design are the strong points of this chair. An extended 24-month warranty demonstrates our confidence in the quality of this product. The maximum load capacity of 80 kg adds a touch of safety, assuring parents that this seat will be a reliable partner for their children for years to come.

The black OFF 619 office chair is more than just a chair. It is a partner for the success and creativity of the little ones. With the perfect combination of comfort, functionality and aesthetics, this chair becomes the obvious choice to complement any children's study or work space. Its understated elegance and top-quality materials place it at the forefront of furniture options for little ones, bringing added value and accessibility to their everyday lives. Choose to invest in the comfort and future of your children with the OFF 619 black office chair!

Color Black
Material Mesh
Maximum weight (kg) 80
Height adjustment Yes
Maximum chair hight (cm) 95
Maximum seat height (cm) 52
Backrest height (cm) 48
Chair witdh (cm) 53
Seat width (cm) 48
Armrest type Plastic
Base type Metal

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