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Office Chair OFF 619 red

Office Chair OFF 619 red

Discover comfort and functionality in one package with the red OFF 619 office chair! Whether it's remote learning sessions or passionate exploration of the world through creation, this ergonomic office chair is the perfect choice for young explorers of knowledge. Specially designed to fit children's needs and sizes, this chair combines form with function to create an engaging study and work experience.

Bringing a splash of color to your study space or playroom, the OFF 619 red office chair is available in a range of vibrant colours, such as varnish, red, orange, turquoise, gray and black. Regardless of individual preference, each color is chosen to reflect personality and bring a touch of excitement to any environment.

A major innovation is the mesh upholstery that covers both the seat and the back of the seat. This feature not only adds a modern look, but also ensures optimal air circulation, keeping the discomfort of sweat at bay and allowing children to focus on their activities without interruption. From passionate reading hours to the creative projects that inspire them, the red OFF 619 chair is the perfect partner for all their adventures.

Built to stand the test of time, the chair features a chrome-plated steel base and piston, giving it the robustness needed for long-term use. And because we care about the comfort and safety of children, the OFF 619 office chair model is equipped with a height adjustment system to perfectly suit each stage of their growth. The overall height of the seat can be adjusted between 85 and 95 cm, and the height from ground level to the seat can be set between 42 and 52 cm.

Carefully thought through to the details, the generous dimensions of the seat (48 x 45 cm) provide the necessary space for free movements and a correct posture. Thus, even the longest learning sessions or creative activities can be tackled with energy and comfort.

Another major advantage is the extended 24-month warranty, which attests to the quality and durability of this product. With a maximum permissible weight of 80 kg, the red OFF 619 office chair is built to meet the everyday challenges of active and creative children.

Elegantly end the dilemma of choosing an office chair for children by opting for the red OFF 619 model. Functional, aesthetic and comfortable, this chair aims to create an environment conducive to development and learning, while adding a touch of liveliness and vitality to any corner of the home. Choose durability and smart design with the red OFF 619 office chair - pamper your child with a study and creative place to match!

Color Red
Material Mesh
Maximum weight (kg) 80
Height adjustment Yes
Maximum chair hight (cm) 95
Maximum seat height (cm) 52
Backrest height (cm) 48
Chair witdh (cm) 53
Seat width (cm) 48
Armrest type Plastic
Base type Metal

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