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Office Chair OFF 619 geen

Office Chair OFF 619 geen

Looking for an innovative and engaging solution to bring a touch of sophistication and functionality to your little one's study or work environment? The new OFF 619 Green office chair is the perfect answer to your requirements. Designed especially for children, this chair masterfully combines functional design with ergonomics, offering little ones a comfortable and stylish user experience.

Imagine your little explorer surrounded by a vibrant color palette. The wide range of shades, from fresh and vivid green to intense shades of red, orange, turquoise, gray and black, allows you to choose a chair that reflects the personality and preferences of each child. With a green OFF 619 chair, the space becomes more than just a desk - it becomes an oasis of creativity and joy.

What makes this chair truly unique is the ingenious blend of functionality and aesthetics. The base and arms made of polypropylene provide stability and strength, ensuring a reliable partner every day. But the really impressive look comes from the textile mesh that covers the seat and back. This revolutionary material not only adds a modern look to the chair, but also provides essential benefits. Its structure allows air to circulate, keeping the child cool and comfortable even during the most intense work or study sessions.

Quality and durability are guaranteed by the highest quality materials. The base and piston are made of chrome-plated steel, ensuring long-term durability. This seat is built to withstand children's daily explorations and activities, keeping them in optimal condition.

The OFF 619 Green office chair is adapted to the needs of children, with dimensions carefully calculated for maximum comfort. The adjustable height, between 85 and 95 cm, makes it suitable for children of various ages and statures. And don't forget the generous seat, with dimensions of 48 x 45 cm, which provides the necessary space to sit comfortably during work or study hours.

We believe in the quality of our products, which is why we offer an extended 24-month warranty for the OFF 619 Verde office chair. With a maximum load capacity of 80 kg, this chair can be safely used by children of various ages and sizes, providing them with solid support in every activity.

Choose to make a difference in your children's study or work space with the OFF 619 Green office chair. Elegance, comfort and functionality blend harmoniously to create an environment conducive to exploration, learning and creativity. It's time to give your little ones the right tools to develop their passions and achieve outstanding performance!

Color Green
Material Mesh
Maximum weight (kg) 80
Height adjustment Yes
Maximum chair hight (cm) 95
Maximum seat height (cm) 52
Backrest height (cm) 48
Chair witdh (cm) 53
Seat width (cm) 48
Armrest type Plastic
Base type Metal

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