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Gaming chair with folding back OFF 306 gri

Gaming chair with folding back OFF 306 gri

Experience real gaming in a new and improved way with the new OFF 306 gaming chair in its elegant shade of gray. With a contemporary design that emphasizes looks and ergonomics, this chair will bring you closer to victory than ever.

One of the special features of this chair is its folding backrest, which can be adjusted to an impressive angle of 180 degrees. This means you can always find the perfect position to support your back during long gaming sessions.

Height adjustment and backrest folding are incredibly easy, with intuitive controls placed under the seat on the right side. This allows you to customize your gaming experience for optimal comfort.

To ensure increased comfort, the armrests of the seat are made of a sponge material on the contact surface and are adjustable in two directions: up/down and right/left. So you can adjust them according to your preferences to support your arms during the game.

The contact surface of the seat is made entirely of quality ecological leather, giving it an elegant and easy-to-maintain look. The dense foam inside provides the comfort needed to withstand long hours in the chair, so you can focus on the game, not the discomfort.

In addition, the chair comes equipped with two removable and adjustable cushions to give you extra support for your lower back and neck. This helps maintain a correct body position during intense gaming sessions.

With a recommended load capacity of up to 110 kg, the OFF 306 chair is suitable for a wide range of users. Whether you're an avid gamer or just want a comfortable desk chair, this is the perfect choice.

So don't let victory wait for you! Invest in an OFF 306 gray gaming chair that gives you value, comfort and affordability in one product. With this chair, you'll experience gaming in a whole new and improved way, without compromising on looks or compromising your comfort. Choose OFF 306 and turn every gaming session into an exciting and comfortable adventure.

seat height: 42-50 cm;
seat height: 127-137 cm;
arm height: 59-66 cm;
backrest height: 85 cm;
seat width: 55 cm;
seat depth: 56 cm.

Color Grey
Material PU
Maximum weight (kg) 110
Height adjustment Yes
Maximum chair hight (cm) 133
Maximum seat height (cm) 50
Backrest height (cm) 85
Chair witdh (cm) 66
Seat width (cm) 55
Armrest type Plastic
Base type PP
Lombar adjustment Yes
Footrest Yes

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