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Set of 5 rubber wheels for gaming chairs - Green


Discover now the new green gaming desk rollers, created to give you an exciting and comfortable gaming experience! With a modern design and premium materials, these high-quality mobile components will add a touch of style to your gaming chair.

The green rubber coating improves grip, allowing a smooth and quiet ride on any type of floor. With these rollers, you will be able to enjoy a gaming experience without unpleasant noises, focusing on victory.

The versatility of these wheels is remarkable, being compatible with most chairs available on the market. Regardless of whether you have a gaming chair from our website or any other model, mounting these wheels will be done easily and quickly.

With a 22mm long clamping shaft and 11mm diameter, these rollers ensure a secure and stable fit without requiring complex technical skills.

The price shown is for a complete set of 5 wheels, making this an extremely advantageous and economical offer for gaming enthusiasts and those who spend a lot of time in the office. Don't miss the opportunity to upgrade your gaming chair with these high performance castors! Dress up your chair in green and get ready to conquer the virtual world in style!

Color Green
Spare Parts
Spare parts type Castors

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