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Dining chair BUC 232 brown

Dining chair BUC 232 brown

Discover the ultimate refinement and comfort offered by the brown BUC 232 living room chairs. Inspired by the famous Eames DSW chairs, these pieces of furniture represent a perfect balance between classic and modern design, capturing the essence of elegance in a contemporary form.

The brown BUC 232 chairs are based on an established model, originally created in the period 1948-1950, and remain relevant and attractive to this day. They bring with them a sense of tranquility and good taste to any space you choose. Their versatility is astounding, as they can enrich both the living area and the kitchen with unparalleled charm.

These chairs are expertly constructed, featuring a wooden frame covered with a generous layer of sponge and upholstered in the finest quality eco-leather. Support is provided by elegant beech wood legs, further reinforced by a system of crossed metal wires for impeccable stability.

The sophisticated shape of the seat contours beautifully against the straight lines of the legs, creating a balanced and appealing aesthetic. With a maximum tested weight of 110kg and a generous 24-month warranty, the BUC 232 brown living room chairs are a safe choice for anyone looking to bring value and style to their home.

Color Brown
Material PU
Maximum weight (kg) 110
Maximum chair hight (cm) 84
Maximum seat height (cm) 45
Backrest height (cm) 40
Seat width (cm) 46
Base type Wood
Upholstered Yes

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